The Foundations of Belonging

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Foundation Year Network Annual Conference 2024

9th – 10th July

University of Lincoln

Conference themes

Diverse Belonging

Does belonging mean the same to everyone? How do we ensure that students from all backgrounds belong? Do all our students, regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, socioeconomic circumstances, access and learning needs, family circumstances, caring or financial responsibilities feel that they belong?

The Beginning of Belonging

How and where is belonging born? Do outreach projects impact on future belonging, what is the impact of the application and admissions process, how important is the transition period as students enter foundation years, how is belonging sustained when students progress into later years?

Learning to Belong

Which teaching and learning strategies, resources and activities enable all students to participate and belong during teaching sessions? Does nurturing peer connections during sessions impact belonging? How do we develop belonging in online or asynchronous learning communities? Does an assessment strategy that allows all students to showcase their individual strengths affect belonging?

Co-created Belonging

Does developing our educational offer with our students nurture belonging? Do students who play an active role in curating their own learning journey feel that they belong? How do we ensure that all voices and perspectives are embedded in a co-created provision?

Belonging Your Way

If you have a contribution that does not fit into the other themes, please submit here and include a brief statement of how your contribution links to belonging.

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